The Vancouver Island Parent Conference is the largest regional parent education event in the province. The committee is looking for new members to help do the work of planning this popular event. Any parent interested in joining the committee please send your contact information and a short description of what you hope to do on the committee to:  

The BCCPAC AGM is taking place from April 29-May 1st. If your PAC is a member and would like to send a proxy, VCPAC has three delegates attending:  Audrey Smith, John Bird and Marketa Lund.  Please fill in the proxy form and voting insturction sheet and send to  or bring them to the VCPAC AGM on April 26.

Piet Langstraat presented a power point as well as a strategy document at the February OPPs meeting.  The power point was to give his observations of the conditions in our schools and a bit of comparison to what is needed for proper support of the new BC curriculum.  He stated "We can do anything but not everything".

Power Point included: 
-equitable access to resources - "resources" was not defined it was implied that technology was only part of that resource pool; 
-collaborative learners(all learners not just students need to have the opportunity and support for collaborative learning);
-technology as one tool or resource that give "support for learning"; 
-the need in our district to meaningfully support teachers(**which will likely change to "educators" to include support staff); 
-acknowledgement that there is a desire for equitable access but no one has come up with a plan yet; 
-acknowledgement that every school has success in some area(s)"pockets of success" need a plan to spread that to all schools K-12.
Big Ideas:
-moving forward requires raising the floor (minimum requirement of support/resources provided by the district)
-empowering teachers(**)by supporting their learning
-deliberate investment for teachers(**)
-judicious & appropriate use of tech to support all learners
-provide support for teachers(**) to work side by side in school

-provide equitable access to internet across all classrooms
-provide teachers with laptops(instead of desktops) & classroom mounted projectors

-provide schools access to digital tools for students
("Provide" is a district expense not an assumption that PAC will fundraise to reach this minimum level required for BC curriculum success)

The How will be presented on Monday March 7th. Mr. Langstraat wanted to let the Board know he was working on this with DLT and partners. He wants to rework the funding allocations to meet the plans requirements.  The District plan will need to be respectful and invitational, staff and other community members(PAC) will need/be able to develop and implement their own plan to reach the goals set by the district which will include BC Curriculum changes.  The plan needs to be sustainable because a blitz will not work in the long run. There has to be a plan to maintain the structure and minimums established. Each school has unique resources and needs and their plan should reflect those.  The district plan will not state quantities of devices because if there is no desire or capacity to use a type of technology (training has not been experienced there yet or no implementation plan in the works) then it will not be effectively used to support learning.

The strategy is for an across the district comprehesive, flexible, collaborative effort to address the gaps we have which create or amplify inequity.  

I am excited to hear the district will have a plan that allows for schools to assess the learning needs of their community, identify the resources(release time, mentoring, supplies, encouragement) required and then a means to provides district support for their plan in meaningful substantive ways.  

A principal from a school that will likely see no new physical resources and one that will definitely see new resources were present and commented positively to the strategy.  Supporting the need to have a higher minimum requirement for resources/support for staff migrating in the district.

Anyone is welcome to attend and participate in the discussion at the Board Committee meeting this Monday March 7 at 7PM at the Board office 556 Boleskine Road.

Audrey Smith

VCPAC President

 The Ministry of Education recently published a preparedness guide for use in schools. This guide is useful for creating local school-specific emergency plans and procedures.

1. "Emergency Management Planning Guide for Schools, Districts, and Authorities"

Rob Johns (former director at VEMA) made contact with the school district. They indicate their desire is for each school to use their template plan. This is a good document they got from the North Shore School District. He is aware of this plan and feels it is a very good document. This document can be found on this website for anyone who is not familiar with it:

2. What can our schools do to better prepare for a disaster or emergency?

The first step is for all schools to take inventory of what emergency supplies they have, and which ones need to be replaced.

I have started this at Quadra school, and would be happy to assist any school PAC that is not sure where to start.

I have not been successful in establishing an emergency preparedness committee for VCPAC. At this time however,  I feel each school PAC needs to establish their own school emergency preparedness committee to first identify the needs of their school.  Once we have a better picture of these needs we can proceed with forming a VCPAC committee to do this (ie: bulk purchase of emergency supplies, etc...).

I am also working on putting together a school emergency preparedness presentation for families, and I have a great team helping me do this at Quadra. One of the biggest fears I hear from parents is that they are not sure what plans are in place at the school, or what their role is.  I am hoping to share this presentation with other schools, who can then customize it with their own specific school emergency plan.  This presentation is intended to be repeated at the beginning of each school year, and will talk about comfort kits, and family emergency plans as well.




If you have any questions or would like to explore more on this topic, send an email to  and we will put you in touch with Marketa.

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