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The district is seeking 3 SD61 parents to participate in the new Transfer Policy Committee.  These seats will be chosen by lottery.  For more information, please contact Mr. Langstraat at

VCPAC will cover the cost of up to 14 2016/2017 BCCPAC memberships for Victoria PACs on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Here are the high lights:

  • It costs the PAC nothing
  • It carries no obligation to act or react
  • It allows the PAC to vote at the BCCPAC AGM
  • It leaves the door open to engaging in the formative conversations at BCCPAC if the PAC sees something they want to influence
  • Information will flow directly to the PAC from BCCPAC for them to decide if it important at their school
  • The PAC executive is in place precisely for this reason, to be able to make emerging decisions in a short time limit when needed.

If your PAC is interested, please send an email to before November 10, with your school name and contact information.  We will contact you to let you know if we will be covering your cost and send you information on how to register.

Do you have a question another school may have the answer to? Is there something fantastic happening at your school you would like to share with others? Take the opportunity to use this list to your advantage in developing your PAC and others in our district. 

To sign-up visit:

This is a self-moderated list, so please be respectful and only use it for it's intended purpose. If you have any concerns about a posting, please email . 

We hope you enjoy this service - happy sharing!

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