Award Winners

Victor Gim Inspirational Student Award

Lillian (Campus View)

Lillian regularly inspires those around her, both young and old. Her contributions at school and in the community, are numerous. Lillian’s desire to help, nurture, and build up those around her is evident from the first time anyone interacts with her. She gives selflessly, never seeking praise. Lillian builds people up, making them feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves.

A few of Lillian’s recent contributions to the community include:


  • 2018 winner for the 11-and-under category of the 2018 Lieutenant Governor’s “Sing Me a Song” community music contest. Lillian, and her friend Isobel Murray wrote Campus View’s winning song, Where I Want to Be. It was performed by the school’s 60-student choir. For winning, the music program received $1,000 and performed their song at the Government House.
  • Lillian is also a member of Campus View school’s award-winning out-of-school Orffestra band and Grades 4/5 Choir.
  • Lillian is a School Event volunteer at such events as the Welcome to Campus View Pancake Breakfast, the end of school year Fun Fair, and class trip fundraiser events.
  • Lillian also volunteers her time during school lunches as a Lunch Monitor


  • Lillian has been a Volunteer at Mary’s Therapeutic Farm since spring 2017
  • Volunteer/Coordinator for I Love First Peoples: Lillian presented information about this fundraiser to students in her classroom and inspired others to participate. She also purchased shoebox contents to fulfill donor requests and participated in the complex process of sorting and processing filled shoeboxes. Over 900 boxes were donated from the community.
  • Volunteer for Power to Be: HeroWork Prospect Lake Build Project: Lillian set up and served lemonade to the work crews.
  • Volunteer at The Makehouse: Lillian was a member of a two-person team for the April 28th- Make-A-Thon in support of the Indigenous Perspectives Society (IPS). This event marked the beginning of a new collaborative project which aims to create beautiful reusable shopping totes as Victoria moves away from single use plastic bags.
  • Lillian is an active soccer player with the Saanich Fusion Football Club and has been playing since 2011.

John Young Advocacy Award

Kristil Hammer (South Park Family School)

Kristil Hammer was nominated for this award for her advocacy work both within her school community, the School District and with the BC Ministry of Education.

As a parent of a child with severe allergies, Kristi! had always been known to advocate for allergy awareness in the school, encouraging more education about this issue not just for the students, but for teachers and staff as well. She would do this by reminding people to put labels on dishes during potlucks, encouraging better food handling procedures during events like bake sales. Her focus is not only on allergy awareness, but on ensure that no one feels isolated due to medical reasons.

Kristil also chaired the South Park PAC's Constitution Review Committee. In this role, she took careful consideration of every aspect of the South Park Constitution and Bylaws, making sure to distinguish between current outdated procedures and maintaining certain practices that were a result of treasured South Park traditions and values that have been passed on for many generations.

Kristil also led and formed the South Park Classroom Support Committee to advocate for increased classroom and student support in the school, school district and province. This

committee's mandate included not only engaging with other schools, the District and the Province regarding the inequities inherent in the current funding model, but to also explore the issue of parent expectations around communication between teachers, parents and administrators on the topic of classroom support and classroom dynamics.

New Teacher Award of Distinction

Sean Gorman (Northridge Elementary School)

In only his second year of teaching, Mr. Gorman has spent the past school year as the fulltime teacher of the Grade 3/4 class at Northridge Elementary. Mr. Gorman is known for his kind and approachable demeanor, his ability to quickly build trust and develop rapport with his students and for his creation of a welcoming learning environment. He engages his students in learning in creative and innovative ways, creating projects that combine many aspects of the curriculum together, and result in finished products that his students are proud of. He celebrates the cultural diversity that is abundant in his classroom by integrating aspects of each culture into much of the work that the students do. As a result, his students are learning the importance of inclusiveness and acceptance, in an atmosphere that is safe, kind and respectful.

Outside of his own classroom, Mr. Gorman contributes to the enrichment of the entire school community. He takes the time to greet and engage all students in passing and is both respected and liked by kids throughout the school. In the fall he enthusiastically took the lead as head coach of the school soccer team, volunteering his time after school to coach and mentor a large group of grade 4-5 students on the soccer field. He patiently guided the athletes, all with various levels of skill, encouraging teamwork, skill development and sportsmanship. He is currently helping to coach the track and field team and will no doubt help instill these same values in a new group of athletes.

Fine Arts Champion Award

Stacey Awalt (Tillicum Elementary School)

Mrs. Awalt has been the music teacher for many years at Tillicum School. She has faced many challenges this past year in which she gracefully overcame.  Her music room had to be used as a classroom for 8 months while a portable was constructed for the school.  This meant she had to take her music lesson from class to class rather than have the children join her in a dedicated music space.  She was often spotted out on the grassy fields with her students performing musical pieces as she took advantage of the sunny days.

Every year Mrs. Awalt prepares the senior choir for their visit to city hall to perform.  She also puts in countless hours preparing nearly 400 children for their annual winter concert.  She selects the songs, coordinates the classes, arranges and often pays for any costumes that are required.  Mrs. Awalt also works with special needs students using musical therapy activities.  She has been taking courses on the Kodaly method of teaching music and has been using this amazing program with the students at Tillicum Elementary

Mrs. Awalt works hard to encourage a love of music through special projects.  The senior choir won a competition performing a song that was written by Mrs. Awalt.  She is also taking students to an upcoming open-air performance.  She shows students how to take their musical learning a step further by using it away from the school.  Over the course of every school year she also helps facilitate performances for assemblies. 

Mrs. Awalt gives her time willingly and often accompanies students to participate in weekend performances in the community.  She has also been known to take in performances of her past students as they have moved forward in their musical education

Gail Edwards Memorial Award

Kimberley Rogers (Monterey Middle School)

Kimberley Rogers is the Monterey Middle School PAC’s Co-Chair and Treasurer. Kimberley is an exceptionally conscientious, dedicated and driven leader of the PAC. She not only develops terrific ideas – for example ways to support the school, or fund raise to achieve those goals, or to make greater links between the PAC and all of Monterey's parents and guardians - but she always does so as part of a team, including PAC members, other parents and the school administration.

Kimberley makes Monterey school better in countless ways, whether it is spearheading parent education opportunities, organizing celebrations for outgoing Grade Eights, or simply turning up to sell freezies on a Friday afternoon to raise school spirits. She has led many school initiatives from initial vision and planning, to successful implementation and completion, all while positively influencing other with her community mindedness, enthusiasm, attention to detail and collaborative approach. She is also a strong advocate for Monterey staff, supporting ideas like more sports equipment for classrooms and surveying teachers on what they want and need from the PAC. As Treasurer, she has carefully tracked the PAC's day-to-day finances and overseen much larger fundraising initiatives. She has been incredibly generous with her time.

Kimberley's reach as PAC Co-Chair and Treasurer has extended beyond the school community. She has collaborated, alongside the school administration, with innumerable community partners, such as the Oak Bay Firefighters Charitable Foundation to make events like their annual Sausage Fest at Willows Beach a roaring success for people from all around Victoria. 

Parents' Choice Award

Jodi Onuma the music teacher from Campus View Elementary

Jody Onuma ​is Campus View Elementary School’s music teacher whose commitment to the students and families at the school is inspirational.  Not only does she seek out opportunities for her students outside the classroom, she ensures that every student has an opportunity to participate.  Always smiling, and happy to answer any question, both parents and students find her approachable, patient and friendly. Outside classroom hours, you can find her in the music room, holding a before-school choir practice, a lunch hour orffestra practice or tone-chime rehearsals. She gives students a chance to try a new instrument or listens and offers advice to students on their own creations.  She is an exemplary teacher whom the families at Campus View all adore. Mrs. Jody Onuma has created a music program at Campus View that has become an integral part of the school’s culture.

Some Highlights of  Jodi’s commitment to the students include:

  • School Musicals ​- Every other year, Jody works with the grade 4 and 5 students and their families to produce a musical. This involves auditions, costumes, make-up, choreography, instrumentation, set work, and many hours of rehearsal with the cast, choir and musicians. Jody carefully selects a musical that has a number of speaking roles, so to include as many students as possible. To ensure everyone gets an opportunity to perform, she will rotate the main roles on 2 days and 2 nights so that there are 4 performances in total. 
  • Choir - The school’s choir, which has grown larger every year, includes more than 100 students this school year. All grade 4 & 5 students are welcome to participate.  They rehearse every Wednesday morning before school, and more often when there is an impending event.  This year alone, the choir has sung at the school’s craft fair, Saanich Municipal Hall, the school’s Winter concert, and as an accompaniment to the musical.  In previous years, Jody has also had them sing at Victoria Royals games, and they were invited to sing at Victoria’s First Night.  Shown by the growing numbers, the children very much enjoy being a part of the choir. 
  • Orffestra​ - Students in grade 3 through grade 5 are invited to join an incredible instrumental compilation inspired by the CBC’s Canadian Music Class Challenge. In 2016, Jody asked students to if they would like to participate in an instrumental arrangement for the song “Stitches” by the Canadian Artist Shawn Mendes. She accepted all students, asking them which instruments that they would like to play, even if they had never played that instrument before.  Jody creatively incorporated the xylophone, flute, recorder, strings, bass, and piano into the arrangement.  For the students’ efforts and Jody’s leadership, they won for the category “Elementary School Instrumental”.
  • Sing Me a Song - In the middle of preparing for the school musical this year, Jody offered her students the opportunity to participate in the “Sing Me A Song” program. This program is put on by BC’s former Lieutenant Governor, Judith Guichon. Once Jody heard students Isobel Murray & Lillian Cole’s song, “Where I Wanna Be,” she knew that she had to enter it.  A group of about 40 students rehearsed the song and recorded a video.
  • Tone Chimes​ - Jody offers a Tone chime club on Tuesdays at lunch recess.
  • Winter Concerts​ - Jody puts incredible effort into the annual Winter Concert. Not only are the songs selected across multiple cultures, they are also engaging for the children.  Performances are well rehearsed, and flow smoothly.  Many involve more than 1 class, which means that she has to coordinate the 2 classes and hold practices outside the normal schedule.  Jody offers her time freely and puts on 4 concerts for the families to attend.  After the 4 performance concerts are completed, each group does an informal run through of the concert again, for themselves.  This ensures that the children can see their peers perform.