Award Winners

Inspirational Student Award


Gail Edwards Memorial Award

Brena Robinson (Craigflower Elementary School)

Parents' Choice Award

Adele Martiniuk (James Bay Elementary)

Adele always makes an effort to get to know each child as an individual,their learning style and finds new and novel ways to spike their interest.This may be in the form of a game,a new app with the i-pod, learning to read whist making characters out of clay and matching learning to their special interests or strengths.

Recently one of our students was having anxiety around the earthquake drill and Adele assisted her by involving her in an i-movie video where she learned the earthquake drill in a way that felt safe to her.That i-movie was shared with the school and was a wonderful learning experience for all.

 Richard Graham(Strawberry Vale Elementary)

Richard is a Learning support teacher. A student that is an advanced reader admitted that he was trying to miss words in order to have the opportunity to work with Mr. Graham.  In this boy’s class it is seen as a privilege to work with him. 
I want to “read like Mr. Graham with funny faces and make the story fun.  A story teller…not just a reader” 

He runs a floor hockey program, helps with run club, rugby team and Spring Fair. Made a video of himself reading a story as Mr. Dressup for the school literacy day when all the school and parents come to the gym to enjoy books and watch the video. 

Early in his career but “making a significant impact on so many lives.”

Arkell Award

Bonnie Smith (George Jay Elementary)

George Jay has not had a strong and consistent music program for some time.  Now, I hear students singing our songs in the hallways; I see them playing music games outside. Thanks to Bonnie's tireless energy and expertise, the music program has come alive.

Inspirational PAC Award

Cloverdale Traditional School PAC

Our PAC has connected with our greater community in many ways.  We are an active member of the Quadra Community Association which has raised our school presence.  We are heading into our second year with a booth at the Quadra Village Days. These connections have been relational building and as a result we’ve seen an increase in support for our annual Scrap Metal Drive and Craft Fair.

Without a doubt the service provided by PAC in grant writing, website support, online survey and general positive climate have added a dimension to our school that is outstanding.  In the end though it has been the people and the relationships built.  PAC meetings are both fun and inclusive. The parent executive is outstanding and represent the future for our school.   They have taken the gift of keeping our school alive to a whole new level.

The PAC has set many goals for itself, the largest single accomplishment was to raise over $73000 in just over 2 years for new playgrounds.  They understood that such a significant amount could not be expected parents support alone.  They were dedicated to reach out to the community and through this fundraising positive relationships in the community have been formed. 

New Teacher Award of Distinction

Isabel Mengual (Lansdowne Middle School)

Ms. Mengual is continuously surprising her students with lively and interactive opportunities in the classroom – this keeps them engaged and excited. I remember the boys telling me that upon introducing a lesson topic, she literally ran out of the classroom beckoning the students to follow!

One day my son came home and made an announcement about Ms. Mengual “Mom, she doesn't stop at satisfactory!”

Fine Arts Champion Award

Cindy Romphf (Cedar Hill Middle School)

“The Cedar Hill Music Program’s mission is to help students reach and explore their musical potential, to help them to achieve excellence and to develop responsibility and a love of learning.  Our music program has a proud tradition of music making and musical learning and we are dedicated to pursuing the art form of music!”  Her words and she lives it.

Cecelia Dishaw (Doncaster Elementary)

Cecelia is a Kindergarten  French teacher and spear-heads the drama club.  She is dedicated to putting on a high-quality performance and puts a lot of her heart, soul and time into bringing out the very best of the kids’ abilities.  The students learn a great deal about putting on a high-caliber performance.  She is so inclusive with her cast and crew, having children of all abilities involved.  In addition to the drama club she does an amazing job of mixed-media art with the children in her class and incorporates drama in their learning.

School Partnership Award

Jana Dick (Vic West Elementary School)

This year, due to our previous administrator retiring mid-year, she stepped into the role of school Principal.

In this role, Ms Dick has made a visible and concerted effort to actively work with our PAC in the visioning, planning, and progress in creating a sense of partnership and community.  Together they have helped to bring our core values to the fore and to help our school move forward in becoming a community hub. 

Ms. Dick has held the position of Principal for only a very short time but the results of her vision and work are evident.  Our school is already a more cohesive place with students’ interests taking precedence and our community within the school being more vibrant and inclusive.

John Young Advocacy Award

John Young

John Young (1921–2014) was a teacher, a principal, a professor and a school trustee.  As a child, John’s early experiences in school included being told that he was not smart as well as being turned away from school because his family could not buy him proper shoes in the depth of winter in New Brunswick.  Not only did John succeed in his educational pursuits but he also became a lifetime advocate for the poor, the deprived and the underprivileged.  He believed that all children were capable learners and that no children should be labelled as failures.

He advocated for many years for “no school fees” to ensure that no student’s school experience would be affected by poverty.  John was extremely generous and gave most of his money away to help others in need.  He would say, “What do I need it for...I have everything I need.”

John earned the respect of students, parents, co-workers and professional colleagues who admired his ability put students first in everything he did.

This award honours and celebrates the life’s work and passion of John Young, perennial defender of the underprivileged.  John believed that helping others was a responsibility and that giving was a privilege.  John taught us that incredible things can happen when you believe in your students.